Preview written by Angus Savage Next Gen XV

This Sunday sees the schools rugby season reach its climax as the annual Sedbergh Super 10s begins, the final chance for so many players to pull on their school shirt alongside those closest to them.

That very fact alone makes the Sedbergh 10s one of the greatest events on the school calendar, but when you throw into the mix the history and the quality of this competition you are left with something very special indeed.

NextGenXV will be live streaming all the action from Pitch 1 and Pitch 2, Sedbergh’s famous Buskhome 1 and Buskhome 2 pitches, and you will be able to watch it all the NextGenXV YouTube channel and the embedded video links below.

Day 1 Pitch 1

Day 1 Pitch 2

Sixteen teams will be taking part in an expanded tournament from previous years, with the hosts, Sedbergh, looking to make it four titles in a row after lifting the Trophy in 2017, 2018, and 2019 – those final two being part of an historic “double-treble” in which they won the Daily Mail Trophy, Rosslyn Park HSBC National School 7s, and Sedbergh Super 10s in the same season, titles in all three formats of the game, a staggering achievement.

The sixteen sides are divided into four groups of four teams each, and all sixteen will feature on the live streams throughout the first day of action, with games kicking off at 10.30am on Sunday with Sedbergh taking on Dulwich College in Group 1.

Sedbergh Tens Groups
Sedbergh Tens Groups

Day 1 Fixtures (Sunday 27th March):

Pitch 1 (Live Streamed)

10.30am: Sedbergh v Dulwich College (Group 1)

11.05am: Seaford College v RGS High Wycombe (Group 3)

11.40am: Kirkham Grammar v Hurstpierpoint College (Group 4)

Lunch Break

1pm: Sedbergh v QEGS Wakefield (Group 1)

1.35pm: King’s Macclesfield v Ipswich (Group 2)

2.10pm: Kirkham Grammar v Felsted (Group 4)

3pm: Barnard Castle v Seaford College (Group 3)

3.35pm: King’s Macclesfield v KES Bath (Group 2)

Pitch 2 (Live Streamed)

10.30am: Hampton v QEGS Wakefield (Group 1)

11.05am: Brighton College v King’s Macclesfield (Group 2)

11.40am: Stamford v Felsted (Group 4)

Lunch Break

1pm: Cokethorpe v Seaford College (Group 3)

1.35pm: Brighton College v KES Bath (Group 2)

2.10pm: Sedbergh v Hampton (Group 1)

3pm: Cokethorpe v RGS High Wycombe (Group 3)

3.35pm: Kirkham Grammar v Stamford (Group 4)

Pitch 3

10.30am: Barnard Castle v Cokethorpe (Group 3)

11.05am: Ipswich v KES Bath (Group 2)

11.40am: Dulwich College v Hampton (Group 1)

Lunch Break

1pm: Barnard Castle v RGS High Wycombe (Group 3)

1.35pm: Hurstpierpoint College v Stamford (Group 4)

2.10pm: Dulwich College v QEGS Wakefield (Group 1)

3pm: Brighton College v Ipswich (Group 2)

3.35pm: Hurstpierpoint College v Felsted (Group 4)

The competition is set to be fierce, and it will only get tougher on Monday, Day 2, when the top two sides from each group will compete for the Trophy. They will be split into two groups of four teams each, with the winners of each group then meeting in the Sedbergh Super 10s Final.

Those finishing in the bottom half of Sunday’s initial pools will then also be split into two Plate groups of four on Monday, with the winners of each of those groups meeting in the Plate Final.

You will be able to watch both of those finals, with the Plate at 2.45pm on Buskhome 2 and the Trophy at 3pm on Buskhome 1 on Monday, all games on those two pitches will be live streamed on the NextGenXV YouTube channel or through the embedded videos below.

Pitch 1 Day 2

Pitch 2 Day 2