Vietnam Deligation


As our global community grows it has been heartening to see how the values and traditions of Sedbergh School have been embraced by the new Sedbergh institutions across the world.

Since news last autumn of the collaboration between EQuest Education Group, Vietnam and Sedbergh School International Limited we have been delighted to welcome many of the senior staff from Sedbergh School Vietnam to Sedbergh to share the ethos that makes our community and our educational approach so special.

Jo Evans, the newly appointed Headteacher of Sedbergh School Ho Chi Minh City, has visited the school frequently through the spring, meeting with staff from across the school to inform her approach developing the new school in Vietnam. As part of her induction to all things Sedbergh, Jo has been involved in many of the milestone events throughout the term, including the Wilson Run. Development Office staff have been delighted to meet with Jo on several of her visits, to discuss the importance of alumni engagement, showcase highlights from the archive collection, and to outline the very important role that philanthropy has played creating the beautiful and well-resourced school that our pupils enjoy.

As term came to a close, we were delighted to host Jannie Hoang Anh Nguyen, Managing Director of Sedbergh Vietnam and Hong Thi Nguyen, Academic Operations Manager of Sedbergh Vietnam. Jannie and Hong undertook a ‘deep dive’ into Sedbergh culture during the final week of term, witnessing the Wilson Run, meeting with key staff and kindly dropping in to the department to spend some time with the Development Office team. Jannie and Hong were thoughtful in their approach to the visit, asking pertinent questions and exploring in detail what makes Sedbergh so special. We were delighted to welcome them to the Old Sedberghian community and give them each an OS scarf as a memento of their visit. Jannie also took a replica of the Casterton School uniform from the 1820’s as inspiration for the new kindergarten uniform. We look forward to collaborating with our Vietnam colleagues as they move forward with this exciting venture.