The National Rifle Association School’s meeting was held at Bisley between 16th and 19th July. Many OSs will remember competing in this and apart from some minor changes, the format and intensity of competition remains much the same. The School team had an excellent week culminating in winning the Ashburton Shield for the first time in 20 years and only the 5th time in the history of the competition which dates back to the 1800s. Results to note are:

  • The Ashburton for the School VIII with a score of 761.47 beating Victoria College Jersey by 5 points
  • The Schools’ Fours which is a ‘second team’ competition won with a score of 362.17 beating Stamford by a single point. This win is a demonstration of the strength of the School team as the competition was shot at the same time as the Ashburton and featured the top shots who were in contention for a place in VIII
  • There were a number of other excellent results including Sarah Rorison who won the Fox Quaich keeping the trophy at Sedbergh for another year. The Fox Quaich is awarded for the top shot on Ashburton Day (the main Schools’ Competition).  Lewis Smith (H) won it last year and Harriet Bramwell (C) won it the year before.

In the Veterans Match, held after the Ashburton the Old Sedberghian A team of John Warburton (L 75-80), Mark Wrigley (SH 71-76), Katherine Fleck (L 11-16), Lewis Smith (H 12-17) and Will Squires (SH 93-98), scored 246 out of 250 and were placed 5th. The combined team of School and Veterans won the Lucas cup for the aggregate score by one point relying heavily on the 5 point lead in the Ashburton to pull out a victory and a rare chance for Sedbergh to put their name on the Trophy.

In the remaining veterans competition, the Old Sedberghians fielded a B team and somewhat reduced C team who all enjoyed their return to the ranges before retiring to the Army Target Shooting Club to enjoy an evening celebrating the Ashburton win with the School team.