The OS Club wishes to extend a hearty congratulations to all who took part in this year’s Sedbergh Global Run in support of the 2021 Wilson Run. The live 5-day event was another great success with hundreds of Old Sedberghians, former and current members of staff and parents as well as friends of the School sending stirring messages of support for the 170 pupils taking part in the gruelling ten-mile race this year.

This year the hashtag #SedberghGlobalRun reached a total audience of more than 287,400, a significant increase from the inaugural edition two years ago, with photo and video tweets relayed across 21 countries and 5 continents. From The Cayman Islands to Qatar, Calgary to Australasia, Kenya and throughout east Asia, Sedberghians far and wide demonstrated the spirit of Sedbergh personified through enduring and unwavering camaraderie and friendship across the generations, bound by this special and unique Sedberghian tradition. See below a map of locations where Tweets were sent using the #SedberghGlobalRun hashtag.

As many will attest, simply running and completing the Wilson Run is a victory in itself- regardless of placement. This common understanding of the commitment and devotion necessary for tackling such a course was evident across the globe during the build-up to the race this year. The messages of support across all generations of Old Sedberghians was truly fantastic to see and true testament to the tradition and legacy of the challenge.

Elizabeth Williams, the daughter of Uter Alan Potter (SH 45-49) checked in from Nashville, Tennessee on behalf of her father who finished 6th in 1948. She divulged that even as a nonagenarian, Uter still considers his placement a very proud achievement. Elizabeth shared this photo of Uter running in his garden in Windermere during the Global Run last month:

Uter Potter At Age 90
Uter Potter completes the 1948 Wilson Run in 6th place.
Potter behind Smith Cresswell at Cautley
School House Participants In Wilson Run 1948 1
School House Participants In Wilson Run 1948 – Runners from School House.  Morton, Douglas, Gourlay, Potter, Conway, Gorton.

A similarly inspiring story was shared by Angus Naylor (P 76-81), who completed the Wilson Run for the first time in 40 years alongside his daughter Lily Naylor.


Once again, thank you to all who took part in the Sedbergh Global Run this year and for all your fantastic messages of support!