The Long Run


Following the announcement of the new motto ‘Never shall you strive in vain’ David Sharples (E 75-78 ), who is part of a family dynasty who attended Sedbergh School over the years, contacted us to say that his mother, Sheila Sharples (nee Robinson), would have approved.

Sheila sadly passed away in February but as David explains:

My family were brought up in Sedbergh, unfortunately most of the family are in Sedbergh cemetery. My beloved mother being the latest. Her and her three brothers as well as ‘Great Great’, Great, and my grandparents as well. They were all born in Sedbergh and that is why I went to the School. My Great Uncles also attended. My mother died on the 16/2/2024 at the age of 91. What I thought was unbelievable was that the day before she died she was singing The Long Run to a friend of hers in the residential home. Her friend’s brother and nephew also attended the School. How appropriate for me to receive your email about changing the School motto. I just wanted to let you know about the coincidence. My dear Mother I know would wholeheartedly approve of what you are doing.

By the way, my grandmother owned the shop opposite Evans House which is now a hairdressers. It was a grocers and confectioners up until 1975 from about 1940 and used to supply all the houses. Obviously before large wholesalers were about. My grandmother‘s family were builders by trade and our ancestors built parts of the School including Powell Hall.

David, thank you for sharing this story about Sheila and we look forward to meeting you in July. I feel I need to brush up on my knowledge of School songs!

Jan van der Velde

Development Director