On Saturday 5th December 2015 the Met Office issued Sedbergh with a red weather warning following heavy rainfall and high winds. There was an intense period rainfall of a staggering 5.9in (150mm) over a 30-hour period. This left Sedbergh as an island for nearly 24 hours as all roads in and out of Sedbergh were impassable due to flooding.

The streams and rivers became raging torrents and many bridges that have become an integral part of Sedbergh life over the years, such as Plank Bridge and Fisherman’s Bridge could not withstand the extraordinary force of nature which was storm Desmond. All of the School fixtures that weekend were cancelled due to the weather and parts of Guldrey Lodge and the Thornley Studios water logged.

A small bridge close to Middleton Hall on the Sedbergh to Casterton road was destroyed due to the force of the water, and up until Sunday 20th December it was out of action meaning that all vehicles including the School minibuses which drops pupils off at Sedbergh Prep had to go via the M6. They have now put a temporary army bridge in place allowing the road to be re-opened which has been a great relief to many commuters.

Kendal was badly hit with hundreds of people sadly losing their homes over the Christmas period. When driving through Kendal and other Cumbrian towns it is heart breaking to see resident’s belongings piled up high outside their homes. The School supported the town on Monday 21st December with the Cumbria Flood appeal to raise much needed funds for those people affected badly by the floods.