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The London Steakhouse, owned by James Robertson (Evans 87-93) provides an opportunity to hold small gatherings of old chums of the School for our year group reunions. We have used this venue a number of times and it never disappoints. It offers exquisite food with a relaxed dining experience just off the main restaurant. Here, feeling quite exalted, 12 of us gathered for a trip down memory lane.

It shouldn’t surprise me, as I have often experienced this myself, but it’s amazing how quickly the years roll back, and once again those bonds of friendship reassert themselves. Or indeed, where no bonds previously existed, they are soon formed; new friendships emerge, and all because of our shared heritage and that wonderful theatre of our childhood that we call Sedbergh.

I much enjoyed myself that day. A great bunch of fellows who had much to say and told it an amusing way.  John Reeves, in a moment of inspiration, asked us all to state who we were, what we’d been up to, and how we found ourselves now. I am glad to report that people reflected how much Sedbergh had done for them, how much it still means to them, and that now, without exception, all were happy.

The lunch rolled into the evening and we took solace in the bar when we were reluctantly persuaded to give up our table. We didn’t tire, such was the fun, the dusting down of old stories retold, of youthful banter that had lain dormant in the attics of minds, and the reminder that, ultimately, who we are is who we were, friends, family, and Sedberghians.

Thank you to our sponsor, Bob Peters (L 84-89), Travel Counsellors, https://www.travelcounsellors.co.uk/bob.peters/ for making this lunch possible.

Jan van der Velde

Development Director