There was a time when our Old Sedberghian chums waited until their more senior years before returning to the fells of Sedbergh to reminisce about their formative days at our Alma Mater.

How things have changed. Last weekend was ‘Sports Weekend’ where the more agile members of our Club returned to do battle on the netball, hockey, and rugby pitches. This was all well and good but the evening before our far thinking Alumni Director, Ben Collins, had arranged a bash for all concerned in the newly renovated Black Bull Hotel.

It was a full house. Many had returned, at least in part, to meet up with Chris and Sara Hirst. Particularly the girls who, with much appreciated help from Emily Hirst, had returned in great numbers. Good to see, and good for the future of the Club.

There was much fun and laughter as always at such events. Old and young mixed well together with a reunion of old Powellians doing their best to entertain the ladies netball team.

I’m not sure what time the party finished. I went to bed at, well, some indeterminate time. I heard that a group of ladies went up Winder at 2.30am being sufficiently loaded with anti-freeze. Some revellers were still in the bar at 4.00am. They were a noisy lot and as I lay in my bed two floors up I thought, ‘good on you, you remind me of my youth’.

Yes, the Spirit of Sedbergh lives on. My sincere thanks to the Black Bull staff, it was a great evening with great food and great service. I know you may have had a few complaints. They are well deserved but such is the endurance of youth.

Cheers all

Jan van der Velde
OS Club Chairman