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The Start Up Forum is an initiative which has its roots in a concept by Alex Hambley ,and has subsequently been developed by Andrew Stott such that, through Andrew’s endeavours and persistence, the Forum now numbers over 60 participants.

It is a place where the Sedbergh Community can celebrate and support entrepreneurship and is made up of investors, budding entrepreneurs, and those from a business or financial background.

Old Sedberghians, of all ages, have an opportunity to pitch their ideas to the group with a view to raising finance, and to receive mentoring or advice to help them grow.

On 24th May there was a gathering of the Forum at the London Steakhouse (a very fine establishment owned by James Robertson E 87-93). It was an opportunity for people to meet in person and therefore to overcome a downside of Teams meetings. Andrew Stott reminded us of the importance of entrepreneurship, and the value we can bring by supporting each other. 

In developing his programme, he has asked for investors to put £5,000 into a central fund. This will be used to invest in new projects for which people will eventually receive a return if the projects are successful. In the fullness of time Andrew intends that some of this return will go towards Roger Lupton Scholarships. A worthy cause indeed, and part of a very joined up and imaginative initative to help future generations. Well done Andrew and thank you for a great evening.

If you would like to know more about the Start Up Forum please email Andrew Stott:

Jan van der Velde