Hockey Sports Video Analysis and Streaming Appeal

An exciting innovation that is planned for Hockey here at Sedbergh

Sedbergh plans to install a new system to support our players and coaches

As in every sport, technology is taking an increasing role in coaching. Hockey is no different. We are therefore launching our Hockey Appeal such that we can augment the incredible facilities with the very latest in video analysis, as set out below:

Live streaming of matches from multiple camera angles offering an immersive viewing experience

High level analysis of both team play and individual technique

The cost of this project will be £27,800:

£5,700 for the cameras (these would usually cost £12,188 but the firm have generously heavily discounted the full cost to provide these facilities to our pupils)

£5,700 per annum licence (the project will run initially for three years, meaning a total of £17,100 for the licence)

£5,000 for upgraded scoreboard


Sponsorship Opportunities

Once installed there will be sponsorship opportunities for named sponsors during the live screening which will reach both a local, and global, audience of parents and Old Sedberghians. In addition to this opportunity there will also be the chance for companies to support hockey by sponsoring our Sedbergh Hockey Club playing kit this coming season as they target promotion to higher divisions.

The School aims to begin work on the project in early June so funding must be secured by May half term. We ask if you able to support this appeal by making a donation using the form below. If you need any further information then please get in touch with either Nick Davey, Director of Hockey, on or Jan van der Velde, Director of Development, on

Nick Davey                                    Stuart Oliver                      Jen Malings

Director of Hockey                      Director of Sport              Assistant Director of Sport