The School has undoubtedly changed in recent years. It knows what it wants to do and does it well, providing an outstanding educational and sporting experience for pupils, shaped by its guiding values and the landscape in which it resides.

So even if you came to Sedbergh in your youth it is worth seeing how it has evolved if you are considering Sedbergh as an option for your child or grandchild. Unless you married an OS, your partner will certainly want to learn more about the School before making this important decision.

Therefore, the OS Club has secured funding to pay for couples, and their children/grandchildren, to come to Sedbergh for a weekend of their choosing, staying the night at our expense. You would be shown around the School and talk to pupils such that you can make an informed decision. Some have already taken us up on this offer and have found the experience invaluable.

We only have a limited number of places so please contact Ben Collins on or myself, Jan van der Velde on if this is of interest.

Jan van der Velde

Development Director