At the OS Club our industrious and creative minds are always looking for new ways to have a celebratory nosh up. So this year, in honour of the Wilson Run , we hired out Plato’s restaurant in Kirkby Lonsdale and had drinks and dinner for forty or so OSs, honorary OSs, and various others, who for one reason or  another had good reason to imbibe on the Monday evening before the big race.

Now I say imbibe but here your intrepid Chairman has to inform the reader of a shameful case of underhand skulduggery.

It has become an annual tradition for the Chairman of the Club, (me), and the School Bursar, Peter Marshall, to run around the Ten on the morning of the race. Now, being a jolly fellow, and trying to enter into the spirit of what was turning out to be a tremendously fun evening, I have to admit that one or two drinks came my way and were duly dealt with in time honoured fashion. Yes, the tide in my glass ebbed and flowed like the Severn Estuary.


(Scott Carnochan, Jan Van der Velde and Peter Marshall)

Well done I hear you say, and all quite right and proper. But at the end of the evening when I came to say goodbye to the Bursar I discovered that the he had been drinking mountain spring water all evening. Yes, he was completely sober; and I would say as a judge, but by this time our President His Honour John Walford, was staring into the middle distance so perhaps not a good simile. We were starting our race at 6.45 am and I fear one of us was to feel slightly fragile.

This aside the dinner was an outstanding bit of fun and a great success. This is in part down to the intimate venue, and my sincere thanks to the staff at Plato’s who looked after us very well indeed. Also, I must thank our Club Secretary, Ben Collins, who organised the evening with faultless efficiency.

We will be hosting this dinner again next year and naturally I hope to see as many of you as possible, especially the Bursar, who will be enjoying cocktails of my own devising…… the pint!

Peter Marshall and Scott Carnochan

A clear headed Bursar looks back to Scott Carnochan on Baugh Fell. Photo taken with a not too steady hand by yours truly.

Scott Carnochan closes gate