Dear Old Sedberghians,

This is a brief update about the condition of the Wilson Run course and the height of the rivers. Mr Fisher and I have been out on the course this afternoon and found that all the rivers and ghylls are now passable in the usual locations following several hours of bright, dry weather. As we know, the rivers rise and fall swiftly and this has worked in our favour today.

As things stand this evening, we expect to continue with all the published plans including an early morning walk, a mid-morning run and the race in the afternoon.

At present the forecast suggests we will experience light rain overnight, a dry morning and a heavy shower just as the race is due to start. Whilst spectators should be well equipped for the weather, these conditions are not unusual and so we expect the race to go ahead as normal. As is always the case, we will check the course early in the morning and keep a close watch on river levels as the day progresses. In the event that conditions change or give us cause for concern we will make suitable arrangements and continue to inform you as before.

With best wishes.

Yours sincerely

Andrew Fleck