Welcome to the OS Club

Dear ‘Old’ Sedberghian,

Your formative years are over, you have escaped the confines of your youth, and now the world awaits. Unfortunately you have missed the annual ‘passing out’ parade of the Leavers’ Ball, the time when you take leave of your friends who have shared your journey with you while at Sedbergh.

But may I assure you that such leave is temporary. Sedbergh is a school for life and those friendships formed in class, in the Houses and on the sports pitches will endure, in many cases, for the rest of your life.

So I write to you as a fellow Old Sedberghian to welcome you to a community of some six thousand individuals who together form the OS Club. The Club facilitates the continuation of friendships made at Sedbergh and I, we, hope to see you at future OS events to hear about your adventures as you make your own way in the world.

There are of course times when you may need help. The general philosophy of the older generation of OS is to help those who are starting out in life. Such contacts can be invaluable when deciding on a career, finding work experience and generally networking. I encourage you to make use of this aspect of the Club.

In light of this, I would like to invite you to join the growing OS Club Online Platform – OS Connect. The site has over 1,200 active users, including a number of your fellow leavers of 2020, who have already signed up to benefit from the professional networking advantages offered by the site. 

OS Connect has the following facilities:

1. Your profile: Make instant updates to your employment or education information and add additional career roles and experience. Share updates with the rest of the network about projects you’re currently involved in.
2. Directory: Find old friends, make new connections – professional or personal.
3. Knowledge sharing: Search for an OS who can help you with career advice and information within your desired industry, area of study or general life advice.
4. Jobs and opportunities: See the latest job vacancies and other opportunities, such as internship opportunities, academic/study opportunities, or other professional opportunities.
5. Events: Find out about OS events and book your place.


You have done your time, you have run up and down the hills and turned out in all weathers. You have earned your right to be a member of this most exclusive of clubs. Use it, be a part of it, help to nurture its future and be proud of it.

I hope to meet you at some future event and, in the meantime may I wish you every success and every happiness for whatever path in life you choose to take.

Best Wishes,

Jan van der Velde (L 77-82)
Chairman, OS Club