There are many challenges in this role, and yet I take it all on the chin. ‘It’s for the good of Sedbergh’ I thought to myself as I tried a sampler from the third of three casks of whisky which have been filled some years ago in preparation for our 2025 celebrations at the Annandale distillery.

I am glad to say all is on track. Neil McKerrow, Peter Marshall, and I all thought so as we reclined rather comatosed amongst the barrels in the bonded warehouse, while thinking of words to express the flavour notes of our maturing creations.

In 2025 these casks will be bottled and sold to the Sedbergh Community. They will be rare and distinct, and will make treasured gifts or proud mementos. I will check the whisky regularly and keep you updated, have no fear. It’s all part of the service.

Thank you to Professor David Thompson, David Ashton-Hyde, and Sue Bicknell for all your help on the day, and over the years. We look forward to sharing a wee dram with you in 2025.

Jan van der Velde