Support for the OS WW1 pilgrimage has been tremendous. So far 160 of the 257 graves and memorials have been visited. Over the next two years the remaining 103 graves will be visited by official pilgrimage tours and dedicated individuals making personal visits.

While the next two years will have a strong focus on WW1 the archive is continuing to collect personal reminiscences for Sedberghians who died in WW2. If you or a family member would be willing to share photographs or memories of Old Sedberghian’s who lost their lives in WW2 please do get in touch. Our long term goal is to gather information about every WW2 casualty so that these men can be commemorated. Sadly the Sedberghian Magazines during WW2 do not record the war service of casualties as happened in WW1. This may have been due to paper shortages during WW2 that meant the Sedberghian Magazines were required to be much more concise than the magazines published during WW1.

We are aware that many OS will remember Sedberghian friends who were lost in WW2 and welcome any personal accounts these men to add to their commemoration documents.

Katy de la Rivière
School Archivist